Inspiration 4 Miler – Virtual Race Review

Disclaimer: I received an entry for the Inspiration 4 Miler to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!

In August I received notification that I would be running the Inspiration 4 Miler as a Bib Rave Pro in support of the first all civilian space mission.

It is always fun to support a great cause and learn about why you are running. The goal for this race, and space mission, is to earn money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

There is a Netflix series about the mission. It was so interesting to see how the four civilians were chosen for the mission. I highly suggest watching the series, but here is a little information about the civilians to peek your interest.

The four crew members represent the four mission pillars of leadership, hope, generosity & prosperity.

Leadership ~ Jared Isaacman – the founder and CEO of Shift4 payments, as well as an accomplished aviator & adventurer.

Hope ~ Haley Arceneaux – physician’s assistant at St Judes Research Hospital and pediatric cancer survivor.

Generosity ~ Chris Sembrowki – an individual who supported the St Jude mission: Finding Cures. Saving Children.

Prosperity ~ Dr. Sian Proctor – inspirational entrepreneur who has used the power of Shift4Shop to launch her own dream business.

I watched all available episodes of the series on Netflix prior to their launch from Port Canaveral, FL. The night of the launch, since I live in Central FL, I headed out to to my backyard to see if I could see the shuttle after liftoff. It was a cloudy night here, so unfortunately we could not see it but it is always exciting to go out and check.

After launch, I decided that I was going to wait to do my virtual race the morning after the crew members safely returned back to Earth.

We watched the splash down of the crew members last Saturday night and Sunday morning I completed my Inspiration 4 Miler virtual run.

This has been the most interesting virtual run I have done to date It was so nice learning abut the mission and the crew and how hey are raising money for St Jude Children’s Hospital. Great swag was received before I ran the race that included an awesome medal, a baseball hat and a long sleeve, zip up tech shirt.

It was great to have this as a fun distraction in the final weeks of marathon training. Next virtual race for me is the Boston Virtual Marathon I will be running on October 9th.

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