ROAD iD – The “In Case of Emergency” info you hope you will never need, but is great to have

*Disclaimer: I received a Road iD to review as part of being a Bibrave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews

I have been wearing a Road iD for years. My very first one was a pink silicone band with my “In Case of Emergency” phone number listed on it. We all hope something bad never happens, but if something does happen on a run, or during a race you will want First Responders to know what family or friends to contact. Your iD can also list vital health information that may be important if you have to be treated, or can list any allergies.

There are so many option to choose from. Road iD’s are designed so well that you will want to have one on you at all times. It’s always good to have that infomation with you.

We have a few different kinds of Road iD’s at our house. My favorite is the Apple Watch iD. The iD fits Series 1, 2, 3, (38mm and 42mm), as well as Series 4 and 5 (40mm and 44mm) Apple Sport (silicone) watches. The iD is made from medical grade stainless steel and it slides right on to your watch band. It is so light and fits perfectly. You cannot even feel that you have it on.

When you place an order through Road iD they are very customizable. On mine I have my name, town I live in and my husband’s name and phone number in case of emergency.

Apple Watch iD

Another option are the silicone bands. They have stretch ones and ones that have a band similar to an Apple Watch closure. I love the bright colorful bands to add a little color to your running outfit for fun. You can also find a bunch of cute little extra badged to add to your id. I picked out the little heart one, if you can see it on the bottom right side of the picture.

Stretch & Sport iD

The final kind of Road iD we have at our house is the Shoe iD. My husband is out on the road most of the day for work, so it is great to have an iD that easily attaches to any shoe laces. This way if something happens on the road, or even when he is back at his work location they know how to contact me.

Shoe iD

You should definitely check out and see what kind of iD may work best for you. If you decide to place an order, use the code SHIPS4FREE and get free shipping on everything on their site.

If you already use Road iD, let me know which kind you prefer and why.

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