Hello Friends!

My name is Tracie and I live in the Sunshine state of Florida. I have been a runner since 2012. I started with a 5k and worked my way up through the distances. After I ran my first 5k a couple months later I saw a YouTube video about the Disney Princess Marathon. It was a video of clips of the race and the song “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” was playing as background music. By the time the video was over, I was in tears and knew that race was going to be my big goal. That song still makes me tear up to this day.

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I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2014. I had achieved my goal and thought I was fine with running half marathons. Then in 2015, I ran with a running group and a lot of them were training for a marathon. I never thought I would ever run a marathon. They were big motivators and convinced me I could do it.

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Princess Half 2014

In 2016. I became a Marathoner at the Gettysburg Marathon. Within that year I also ran two other marathons – Marine Corp Marathon and the Disney Marathon. The Disney Marathon is to this day my favorite race I have ever run. Felt good and had fun the whole race. I have not run another marathon since, but even if I never do, I have great memories of that race. Right now I am content with the half marathon distance, and am happy I have reached my goal of running a sub 2-hour half.

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Gettysburg Marathon 2016

I am excited to announce that I was recently selected to be a Bib Rave Pro Influencer! Have you heard of BibRave? They are a digital running community and endurance-focused marketing company. They help races and brands reach more runners via digital word of mouth through people like me.

Running on Pixie Dust

What does that mean for you? It means I’ll be able to share more running information with you here on the blog and on my social media channels – so make sure you are following along. I will have the opportunity to share reviews of fitness products for both runners and non-runners. I’m excited to be a new part of the Bibrave Pro team and excited to share with you along the way.

I love sharing my running miles, new to me races and products. I have been sharing on Instagram for a long time, but this will be a new blog adventure for me with all the information here in one spot. I thank you all for following along the way.

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